Warehouse ladder professional Regina Special

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The warehouse ladder professional Regina Special is the technical and safe solution designed for light professional use. It is ideal for reaching high places and working at heights while standing on a reinforced platform measuring 25.5x28 cm. It is a Svelt Made in Italy product and is the most compact version of the warehouse ladders as it occupies only 33 cm when closed. It is the ideal choice for quick picking operations, making it an indispensable tool for warehouses, logistics centres with medium height shelving and cemeteries.

Safety is paramount when working at heights, which is why the ladder is equipped with a 60 cm body guard and handrail, as well as several devices that prevent accidental opening such as a safety hook on the platform and oversized safety straps. In addition, the professional ladder is equipped with rubber pads for maximum grip on the ground and non-slip flat steps.

The assembly of the ladder is quick and convenient: the 10 kg capacity tool box is packed inside the ladder and the handrails have to be mounted on the outside of the ladder mast, increasing the useful width on the platform and making it more comfortable for the operator to stand on.

The professional warehouse ladder is manufactured in compliance with the current Italian D. Lgs. 81/08 and European standard UNIEN131, it is made of aluminium to guarantee strength and solidity, has a 150 kg capacity and is guaranteed for 5 years. You can choose the version with more or fewer steps (the distance between them is 25 cm) depending on the height you need to reach.

Marca del produttore.

Portata massima.Anni di garanzia.Conforme standard qualitativi europei per dimensionamenti e resistenza.Collaudo superato presso TÜV SÜD (scale=UNIEN131 - sgabelli=UNIEN14183).Conforme al decreto legislativo sulla sicurezza n. 81 del 9 aprile 2008.Conforme alla normativa europea sulla saldatura.

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Scala a castello professionale Regina Special
Warehouse ladder professional Regina Special

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    Review for Warehouse ladder professional Regina Special

    Code Ladder steps Closed height Platform height Ladder width Ladder weight
      nr cm cm cm kg
    SCL1601 5 205 116 49 8,0
    SCL1602 6 230 139 51 9,0
    SCL1603 7 255 161 54 10,0
    SCL1604 8 280 185 56,5 11,0
    SCL1605 10 330 230 61,5 13,5
    SCL1606 12 380 277 66,5 16,0
    Common features: anti-slip knurled platform 25.5 x 28 cm, increased anti-opening safety straps, non-slip pads, reinforcement bars on the longest steps, 8 cm non-slip flat steps, 25 cm step pitch, guard-rail height 60 cm, handrails
    The platform counts as a step