Wet and dry vacuum cleaner Fervi A025/30 capacity up to 30 litres

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The wet and dry vacuum cleaner by Fervi is a product designed for vacuuming up dusts and liquids. Ideal for both domestic and industrial use, it allows the collection of dust, small waste and - by removing the internal filter - also liquids. Emptying and inspection operations for maintenance are facilitated by the fact that the machine is very handy and easy to use. This type of machine is for service and not for production, so its use should be intermittent during the day and not continuous.

On the cover of the professional wet and dry vacuum cleaner there is a switch for starting and stopping the electric engine. This type of vacuum cleaner also allows air to be exhaled by connecting the hose to the hose holder at the rear of the lid. During this operation it is important to keep the filter and dust bag installed in order to avoid possible damage to the motor in the event of accidental suction of solid elements.

This model of wet and dry vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a safety float, thanks to which the suction hole of the fan is closed in the event that the level of liquid contained inside the bin should be too high, risking penetrating the motor fan. In the event of this happening, the motor will emit a loud noise different from normal and it will be necessary to pull the plug and empty the bin.

Moving the wet and dry vacuum cleaner is facilitated by the four wheels and the handle on the lid. In this way, it will be possible to easily move the tool around the working area.

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Wet and dry vacuum cleaner Fervi A025/30 capacity up to 30 litres

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    Brand: Fervi
    Code RA02530
    Power 1,2 kW
    Capacity l 30
    Engines 1 (230 V 50 Hz)
    Air flow rate 28 l/s
    Weight kg 6
    Dimensions mm 355x345x585
    Standard Flexible tube, corner brush, big brush, rigid assemblable tubes, filter, dust bag.