Multi purpose ladder extendable foldable aluminium Briko Blue

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The multi purpose ladder Briko Blu is an extendable and foldable product designed and manufactured in Italy by Facal. It is a solid and easy-to-use tool for reaching different heights and working high up without sacrificing safety. The special hinges allow you to position the ladder in two different ways, depending on your needs. In fact, it is possible to keep the hinge free by using the ladder open when there is a wall to lean against, or it is possible to close the hinges and position the ladder as a trestle if there is no wall available to lean against.

Solid and sturdy, the multi purpose ladder is stable even when extended thanks to the strong steel hinges that bind each upright with 18 attachment points, preventing the structure from flexing. In addition, the hinges are covered inside and out with special resin castings injected using state-of-the-art industrial processes. This procedure guarantees the protection of the gear over time and ensures maximum strength when the extendable ladder is open in support mode.

To work efficiently at height, it is necessary for the user to be safe. Precisely in order to guarantee safety, the aluminium telescopic ladder, manufactured entirely in Italy using premium quality materials, has been produced in compliance with the provisions of Italian law D. Lgs. 81/08.

The multi purpose ladder is available in different versions with a greater or lesser number of steps, depending on the height that needs to be reached, and the maximum load capacity is an impressive 150 kg.

Certificazione ICT e IPA scale alluminio

D. Lgs 81/08

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Scala telescopica allungabile pieghevole Briko Blu in alluminio
Multi purpose ladder extendable foldable aluminium Briko Blue

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    Review for Multi purpose ladder extendable foldable aluminium Briko Blue

    Code Ladder steps Closed height Extended height Scissor height Weight
      nr cm cm cm kg
    SCL2001 4+4 120 400 198 12,5
    SCL2002 5+5 148 512 252 14