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Steel shed galvanised wall height 2110 mm with overhead door

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The steel shed galvanised with 2110 mm high walls is the temporary or permanent storage solution with a practical overhead door. A multifunctional resource that can be adapted to various needs, this shed can serve as storage for construction sites and factories, but can also be used as an additional parking space to shield vehicles from damage caused by bad weather and to better preserve them. The range includes models with different dimensions to meet every storage need.

As for the structure of the shed, there are 30x30x1 mm galvanised tubular steel frames in the walls, panels, and door. The walls and doors are clad in 40 mm galvanised corrugated sheet metal. The trusses are made of galvanised steel tubing and profiles, and the purlins of the 3000 and 3490 mm boxes are made of galvanised tubular reinforced steel. The overhead door has counterweights and ventilation slits and measures 2480x2110 or 2880x2110 mm depending on the model. The pitched roof is made of 0.5 mm galvanised corrugated sheet metal, has a 1.2 mm galvanised steel support beam and a 0.8 mm galvanised sheet metal ridge.

Various accessories are available to customise the galvanised steel shed: vasistas window with glass, vasistas window without glass, PVC or steel grid with insect screen. Each wall module can be equipped with only 1 option of your choice. Thus, for the smaller models (length 2535 mm), a maximum of 3 optional extras can be ordered; for the larger models with length 3430 and 4250 mm, up to 5 optional extras can be chosen.

The steel shed galvanised is delivered disassembled with assembly instructions and packed on pallets in compact packaging to simplify logistics and reduce transport costs. Assembling the box is very quick and intuitive, thanks to the pre-assembled components (sheets already fixed to the walls) that only need to be hooked together. The galvanisation treatment is included in the standard supply, but it is possible on express request to obtain a pre-painted version with a galvanised roof or a fully pre-painted version for a customised product.

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Code Model External dimensions LxWxH mm External dimensions L1xW1xH1 mm Net overhead door opening LXH mm Weight kg
MP00117 disassembled 2595x2535x2110 2755x2535x2440 2260x1890 190
MP00118 disassembled 2595x3430x2110 2755x3430x2440 2260x1890 245
MP00119 disassembled 2595x4250x2110 2755x4250x2440 2260x1890 270
MP00120 disassembled 3000x2535x2110 3160x2535x2600 2660x1890 240
MP00121 disassembled 3000x3430x2110 3160x3430x2600 2660x1890 300
MP00122 disassembled 3000x4250x2110 3160x4250x2600 2660x1890 340
MP00123 disassembled 3490x2535x2110 3650x2535x2600 2660x1890 270
MP00124 disassembled 3490x3430x2110 3650x3430x2600 2660x1890 335
MP00125 disassembled 3490x4250x2110 3650x4250x2600 2660x1890 370

Dimensions steel shed galvanised wall height 2110 mm with overhead door

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