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The EPP insulated box for meals is the expanded polypropylene solution for transporting hot meals, fresh or frozen food preparations. It is the professional and standardised product used for transporting and delivering meals to your home. In fact, the container is equipped with internal compartmentalised cells where packaged meals are stored in their trays, to keep them separated from each other and protect them from stress during transport.

Ideal for complete meal deliveries, the EPP insulated box for meals is divided into three separate compartments that can hold 1 meal tray and 2 bowls for side dishes, fruit, snacks, pasta or desserts. The structure maintains the temperature of the contained food from -40°C to +120°C. You can see the temperature holding curve in the graphs below.

The EPP insulated box for meals is stackable and designed for transport and storage. Finally, it is dishwasher-safe and useful for complying with HACCP health and hygiene regulations relating to food transport and storage.

Produced in expanded polypropylene, the EPP insulated box for meals is light and robust and suitable for food contact. Finally, it has rounded corners and edges to better withstand shocks and is equipped with a hermetic interlocking closure to ensure that the internal temperature is maintained.


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EPP insulated box for meals Dinner

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