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The EPP insulated box is the safe and standardised solution with front opening and side guides for transporting hot, fresh and frozen food. The internal dimensions and walls equipped with guides are designed to accommodate crates, trays and 40 x 60 cm containers, as well as pizza boxes used for transporting and delivering pizza to your home.

Made of EPP expanded polypropylene, the insulated boxes have versatile sides: on one side complete with 3 guides and on the other side complete with 5 guides. This allows 3 trays or trays (not included in the standard equipment) to be placed 12 cm apart or 5 trays to be placed 8 cm apart.

The safe and perfectly insulated hermetic door is totally removable and not fixed: this allows quick and convenient access for unloading and loading food and avoids frequent hinge failures due to impacts. In addition, the smooth walls allow for an easy sanitisation of the EPP insulated box front opening in dishwashers in industrial washing stations or with a direct water jet.

The EPP insulated box front opening is useful for complying with HACCP health and hygiene regulations and is excellent for transporting and storing food from -40°C to +120°C with minimal temperature dispersion. It is therefore the perfect product for transporting hot fresh food, frozen food, hot meals, fresh fruit and all home catering.

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1pcs -   IST4000249968  - 125 liters 700X580X620 mm -   €280.00  - [10/15 days]

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Contenitore isotermico polipropilene espanso frontale Maxi
EPP insulated box front opening Maxi

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