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Mini hand roll forming machine Fervi 0235

Mini hand roll forming machine Fervi 0235

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The Fervi mini hand roll forming machine is the solution for any activity it is necessary to have the calendering tool with you but it is not possible to connect to an electrical network, or when the power of the network would not be sufficient to power an electrical machine. Furthermore, the calender can be moved and to be used in a stable and safe way it only needs a bench vice to be fixed to: in this way it will be possible to move the machinery even on a construction site or in different laboratories without the need to unscrew it from the its main station.

There are 3 rollers of the mini hand roll forming machine, 1 fixed central and two adjustable through the two respective knobs according to the type and degree of calendering to be obtained. To remove the piece once the process is complete, it is necessary to unscrew the front roller: to do this, unscrew the respective knob, lift the side cover and remove the gear in order to free the roller from the main body.

Before being used, the sheet metal support will be fixed to the mini hand roll forming machine: with the help of two screws it will be placed in the front part, in front of the first roller, in order to support the part not yet calendered during the process.

The weight of the Fervi mini hand roll forming machine is only 10 kg so it is very easy to move. The calendering is carried out completely manually and for this reason it is a cold calendering. The machine is of service and is therefore not suitable for continuous use for long periods.

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R0235 - with 3 rollers - [10/15 days]

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brand: Fervi
Code R0235
Max length mm 300
Max thickness mm 2,5
Roller diameter mm 30
Weight kg 10,96
Packaging dimensions mm 470x280x140
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