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Portable office cabin with 50 mm thick walls

Portable office cabin with 50 mm thick walls

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The portable office cabin is the durable and solid version with 50 mm thick walls. It is the perfect, adaptable resource for companies, associations, construction companies or private individuals who need to increase their space or create mobile, operational offices from scratch. Ease of installation, convenience and quality are factors that bring great benefits to the end user. Ideal as a temporary office for trade fairs, concerts, construction sites or companies, these mobile office units are available in various lengths - from a minimum of 2.40 metres to a maximum of 8 metres - and 3 different heights, to suit any space. The lowest model has an internal/external height of 2230/2470 mm, the middle model 2400/2700 mm, and the highest 2700/2980 mm.

The structure of the portable office cabin models is composed as follows:
base and roof profiles: 1.5 mm galvanised and painted sheet metal
base: on support beams
walls: 50 mm sandwich panels insulated with polyurethane foam, external and internal finish micro-grooved in white-grey RAL 9002;
roof: corrugated sandwich panels 30/70mm, insulated with polyurethane foam
floor: PVC walking surface on 18 mm water-repellent chipboard panel.

The electrical system included in the standard equipment is realised with visible cables along the internal walls of the site cabin and includes: 1 external box with magnetothermal circuit breaker panel and earth socket, 1 switch, 1 10-16A socket, 1 40W LED ceiling light. For the 7 and 8 metre long models only, a second ceiling light is included. The aluminium/PVC white RAL9010 fixtures include 1 external door mm 900x2000H with blind lower half and glazed glass upper half and 1 sliding window mm 900x980H. The glass parts of the fixtures are protected by anti-intrusion bars.

All models of portable office cabin with 50 mm walls are fitted with a base with support beams to guarantee proper ventilation of the entire lower part of the structure. Each mobile office can always be handled with a crane (use chains or straps of suitable capacity, attaching them to the nozzles at the corners of the structure), but it is possible to order accessory kits with suitable forklift pockets. Finally, the models in this version cannot be stacked and can be ordered already assembled or disassembled. There are no specific certifications for these units; a declaration of conformity of the electrical system can be supplied on request. Each prefab office has its own serial number, which can be seen on the plate welded to the structure.

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Code Model External dimensions LxWxH mm Weight kg
MP00015 assembled 2400x2400x2470 650
MP00016 assembled 3000x2400x2470 700
MP00017 assembled 4000x2400x2470 800
MP00018 assembled 5000x2400x2470 1000
MP00019 assembled 6000x2400x2470 1200
MP00020 assembled 7000x2400x2470 1400
MP00021 assembled 8000x2400x2470 1600
MP00022 assembled 2400x2400x2700 700
MP00023 assembled 3000x2400x2700 750
MP00024 assembled 4000x2400x2700 850
MP00025 assembled 5000x2400x2700 1050
MP00026 assembled 6000x2400x2700 1250
MP00027 assembled 7000x2400x2700 1450
MP00028 assembled 8000x2400x2700 1650
MP00029 assembled 2400x2400x2980 750
MP00030 assembled 3000x2400x2980 800
MP00031 assembled 4000x2400x2980 900
MP00032 assembled 5000x2400x2980 1100
MP00033 assembled 6000x2400x2980 1300
MP00034 assembled 7000x2400x2980 1500
MP00035 assembled 8000x2400x2980 1700
MP00036 disassembled 2400x2400x2470 650
MP00037 disassembled 3000x2400x2470 700
MP00038 disassembled 4000x2400x2470 800
MP00039 disassembled 5000x2400x2470 1000
MP00040 disassembled 6000x2400x2470 1200
MP00041 disassembled 7000x2400x2470 1400
MP00042 disassembled 8000x2400x2470 1600
MP00043 disassembled 2400x2400x2700 700
MP00044 disassembled 3000x2400x2700 750
MP00045 disassembled 4000x2400x2700 850
MP00046 disassembled 5000x2400x2700 1050
MP00047 disassembled 6000x2400x2700 1250
MP00048 disassembled 7000x2400x2700 1450
MP00049 disassembled 8000x2400x2700 1650
MP00050 disassembled 2400x2400x2980 750
MP00051 disassembled 3000x2400x2980 800
MP00052 disassembled 4000x2400x2980 900
MP00053 disassembled 5000x2400x2980 1100
MP00054 disassembled 6000x2400x2980 1300
MP00055 disassembled 7000x2400x2980 1500
MP00056 disassembled 8000x2400x2980 1700
Fixtures 1 door LxH mm 900x2000, 1 sliding window LxH mm 900x980 on long side
Capacity 150 kg/sqm (evenly distributed)
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