Milling machines and drilling machines

Milling machines and drilling machines are indispensable machines for processing metal pieces. Milling machines are machine tools that allow you to remove material with both axial, transverse and horizontal forces. The milling drills, on the other hand, are useful machines for drilling with predominantly axial and vertical forces. Used to carry out particular types of carvings, milling machines and milling drills allow to work both flat and irregular surfaces, going to carry out precision machining. These are durable products, perfect for working very resistant materials, with a high degree of hardness, such as metals.

Equipped with a robust and heavy structure, the milling machines allow to dampen a greater amount of vibration and are perfect for milling operations with high number of revolutions but with reduced torques. They are also suitable for drilling operations, despite having a limited descent speed. The drilling machines are ideal for drilling quickly, thanks to the high torque and low number of revolutions. They offer the possibility to carry out milling operations with reduced feed rates.

The characteristics to consider when choosing milling machines and drilling machines are: the drilling capacity on cast iron with pre-hole, the milling capacity, the spindle stroke, the dimensions of the spindle attachment, the dimensions of the table and the power of the motor. . All these characteristics, once considered, will determine the most suitable tool to meet work needs.

Milling machines and drilling machines are therefore machine tools that allow you to mill and shape even the most resistant materials. Equipped with various accessories such as vice, LED light, refrigeration system and spindle connections of different sizes, they are perfectly capable of satisfying different needs.

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